We Have Our Contest Winners!!!

Krema_TShirtContest_Graphic NEW

The Results are in, The Judges have voted, and the ballots have been counted!!!

Drum Roll Please………

The winners are:

 MARC S KESSLER     with   “Krema the Crop”

TODD WHEELER       with   “Natruallly, The Best”

MONICA KAY    with   “100% Peanut and we Mean it

 A special Thank You to everyone that participated!

Keep the comments and ideas flowing.

Winners please contact us so we can send you out a case of FREE Peanut Butter!

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18 thoughts on “We Have Our Contest Winners!!!

  1. Simply the best (and you could use Tina Turner’s 1989 song of the same title in a jingle)

  2. “Nutty By Nature” or “Kreamy Goodness by Nature” or “Naturally Nutty”… Those are our best three. Thanks!

  3. We have a few: The Craziest Bread Spread – A Nut Above The Rest – A Spread Above The Bread – I’m (You’ll Be) Crazy for Krema. Crazy PB & Me. You’ll Be Nuts About It.

    We had Naturally Nutty, but Todd beat us to it! ;o) Best of Luck! :O)

  4. If you are putting the slogan on a T-shirt: Front – ONE ingredient, makes us #1 naturally. Back – The Crazy Richard’s Peanut Butter or Krema Peanut Butter logo (depending on the area of the country.)